Dingoes a threatened protected species under the FFG Act, tortured for pelts

Listed as a threatened native taxon in Victoria, and protected under the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act, the Dingo continues to be subject to unnecessary persecution, lethal control and cruelty, including at the hands of recreational hunters through the Victorian bounty scheme for pelts and the unnecessary use of 1080 poison.

In practice, recreational hunters are killing Dingoes with immunity on those areas of Crown Land where Dingoes are protected from government lethal control activities

Dingoes perform a crucial role in biodiversity, and can control exotic predators such as cats and foxes from destroying endangered species like the Green Parrot.

The Labor party cruelty toward Native Australian and Iconic Wildlife must be abolished. We urgently need Legislative reform.

A vote for Marilyn Nuske Independent Candidate Bendigo West 1 will give an overdue Voice for Native Dingoes in Parliament.

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