Experience at the Workface Counts

I grew up in Eltham area. I feel at home in Castlemaine, where I live on an old lavendar farm with many varieties of lavendar growing wild, dark and light purple, yellow! Bees love lavendar and so do I! I share a couple acres with rescue sheep, Portia and Pablo.

Working locally in Castlemaine, as Principal of my Law practice, as family lawyer and in litigation, helping families with issues of seperation, financial and housing, has given me a great connection with the local community, and understanding the importance of community and connection. It has helped me understand the issues facing families.

I have first hand observational experience of the homelessness that exists in this District, and the crisis point in housing for homeless, regional youth, older women, and families living in tents or in their cars.

I am a strong advocate for disadvantaged people having pets in their lives for the emotional and physical support pets give to them, and support the provision of low cost veterinary care which they may otherwise be unable to afford.

I will fight for funding for a mobile low cost or free veterinary care service in regional Victoria for low income regional Victorians.

I will fight for funding for all equine rescue organisations in Victoria.

I will fight for wild-living Brumbies and strenuously oppose the cruel and barbaric shooting that is presently happening. I will fight for a Bill for Legislation to be introduced that will recognise the Heritage value of our culturally iconic Brumbies and protect that value, while protecting any fragile ecosystem.

My committment to Wildlife Conservation organisations includes

past Legal advisor to Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc,

Pro bono Lawyers list for Voiceless and Barristers Animal Welfare Panel.

President of The Association For Conservation of Australian Dingoes Inc, (AFCAD Inc)

Founder of Brumby Action Group Incorporated, working to stop the cruel and barbaric shooting of a culturally iconic species and the introduction of Legislation

Supporting Kangaroo Conservation and Organisations to bring to an end the cruel commercial exploitation of native Kangaroos

Aiding and Supporting with legal advice Regional Victorians Opposed to Duck Shooting,

1080 Legal Action Kit, a suite of tools to support people who oppose 1080 poison being on their land

My experience includes preparing submissions to parliamentary inquiries, and legislative reform, drafting parliamentary ePetitions, freedom of information, and drafting a Bill for Legislation.

Being elected to a seat in Bendigo West, will give me an opportunity to use my years of experience at the workface, in parliament, where a strong and experienced voice is needed, to bring much needed changes for Community Welfare for families, housing for the homeless and struggling familes, and relief for Wildlife from cruelty to which they are being exposed by the Daniel Andrews Labor party and to lobby and work for change wherever needed.

Please Vote Marilyn Nuske Independent Candidate BENDIGO WEST

No 1.

A Strong and Experienced Voice for BENDIGO WEST

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