Abandon Duck Shooting and encourage Eco Tourism in the Garden State

Duck shooting is a cruel and barbaric remnant activity that Daniel Andrews Government are loathe to let go of. Tourism for Victoria? Welcome to The Cruelty State – opposed by those who live in the Garden State – Victorians.

“Come see what the choice really means

Daniel Andrews’ comment that Victorians are ″⁣free to make the choice″⁣ to kill our native birdlife for fun (or play golf) demonstrates ignorance, negligence and lack of compassion towards animals, the environment and regional communities. I invite him to come to our property during duck-shooting season to see the cruelty, disruption, destruction and pollution our natural wetlands and community experience. ” Liz Filmer Sale The Age

A Vote for Marilyn Nuske Independent Candidate Bendigo West No 1 will be a Vote for a strong and experienced Voice in Parliament to end this cruel unwanted passtime.

Lets bring environmentally kind Eco-Tourism to this Garden State and ban duck shooting from the Victorian Cruelty State!

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