A Win for Pensioners!

Companion Animals can and do perform an invaluable role in the lives of many Pensioners.

Companion animals provide not only companionship but a sense of comfort and well being.

With the escalating costs of food, utilities, petrol, and day to day living and rent, many Pensioners cannot afford to pay Vet Bills, and many are unable to afford a Companion Animal or will skimp on their own well being and food to maintain their Companion Animal.

And for many there is the cost of recurring medications and treatments for their Companion Animals.

If elected, I will fight for free Veterinary Services for Pensioners.

It will not only enable many Pensioners to adopt a Companion Animal but can also have a flow on effect of helping our Animal Rescue Organisations that are struggling under numbers of Pets that are either abandoned or dumped.

It will be an important part of making sure that Companion Animals receive the Veterinary Services they need, to ensure Pensioners are able to not only keep their pets in good health, but continue to be able to afford to give the pets a safe and healthy life.

Please Vote Marilyn Nuske Independent Candidate Bendigo West NO 1 for Community Welfare and Wildlife and for a Voice for Pensioners in Parliament

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