A VICTORIAN WILD HORSE INMATE PROGRAM Wild-living Brumbies can help reduce reoffending in adult and juvenile offenders

A VICTORIAN WILD HORSE INMATE PROGRAM for wild-living Brumbies with inmates can help reduce reoffending in adult and juvenile offendersI am lobbying to end the cruel and barbaric slaughter of wild living Brumbies, and to introduce Legislation, that will protect any environmental issues as well as wild living Brumbies. From time to time, it may be necessary to remove or rehome Brumbies for environmental reasons.

Let’s see the end of the cruel and barbaric treatment of sentient creatures.

Animal programs have proven to be successful in reducing recidivism in prisons, showing some of the most conclusive success rates in the World.

For example, The Wild Horse and Burro Program in Arizona State Prison has a running success rate of 95% in reducing recidivism in those joining the program. Of 50 Prisoners released between 2012 and 2019, only 2 had been re-incarcerated – a 96% success rate. https://www.brightvibes.com/wild-horses-wilder-men…/

Wild-living Brumbies can help reduce reoffending in adult and juvenile offenders.

Adult and Juvenile offenders learn new skills on the job, engaging them physically, mentally and most importantly, emotionally. Self-efficacy is paramount to build in those with mental health issues which many prisoners suffer with. The ability to gain the trust of a wild animal, work with and “gentle” that animal is a solid grounding in gaining self-efficacy.

The Prisoners selected to join U.S. program (which is highly sought after) work for approximately 4 months, gentling the horses and preparing them for sale. The horses are then auctioned, with some of the costs associated with their gentling recouped. This particular program at Arizona State Prison commenced by Randy Helm in 2012, with set up costs of US$230,000.

Similar programs with Australian Wild Horses (Brumbies) will be able to facilitate changes in the individuals that traditional programs have yet to match. Increases in the rates of Prisoners reoffending show that traditional programs are just not working.

Victoria has several Working Prisons, for example, Langi Kal Kal, Dhurringile and Tarrengower. These prisons have the acreage that could be required to support these programs. Set up of a program such as this, could be set up for relatively low costs, with Prisoners being involved in building the necessary facilities, including round yards, stables, veterinary inspection areas and horse training areas.

There is also room to expand and grow support programs, such as growing stock feeds to feed the Brumbies – Lucerne, Meadow Hay, Grains – this is another area prisoners would gain experience and skills to help maintain lower costs. Learning Animal husbandry could be another option offered to any Prisoners interested in supporting such a program in the curriculums offered.

The options and positive outcomes to rehome and save our Brumbies are endless, with the outcomes only limited to Corrections Victoria’s willingness to support such a beneficial program.

Some figures to consider:

How much does it cost to contain and maintain a Prisoner in a Victorian jail today?

(The Victorian Government figures for 2019/2020 show the cost was $323.45 per day – or $118,059.25 per annum). – https://www.corrections.vic.gov.au/…/corrections…

How many prisoners reoffend in Victoria every year?

Of the prisoners released during 2018-2019, 43.6% of prisoners had reoffended by 2020-2021 – or in total, 52.5% which includes those placed on Corrective Services Orders.


ABS Statistics show in 2021, there were 42,930 incarcerated prisoners in Australia. Of those, 7,248 were in Victoria, with reoffenders increasing by 6% – a total of 3,826. https://www.abs.gov.au/…/prisoners…/latest-release…

At a cost of $118,059.26 per annum to incarcerate reoffenders alone, cost the Victorian Government a staggering $451,694,690.50. Read that again – four hundred and fifty one million, six hundred and ninety four thousand, six hundred and ninety dollars and fifty cents per annum to incarcerate reoffenders in Victoria.

If elected I will lobby for the introduction of a Victorian Wild Horse Inmate Program for Adult and Juvenile Offenders.

Please vote 1 Marilyn Nuske, Independent Candidate Bendigo West.

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